About Me

Hey guys,

I'm Owen (AKA MasterOwen(45)) I am currently 18 and have been playing and painting warhammer since the age of 13.
I first started with the Lord of the Rings section collecting any models that looked cool. At this point I was more interested in the painting,modeling and converting side of the game compared to the gaming side.
In 2007 I bought my first 40k model being the metal Ork Kommando
 with Bigshoota. I quickly painted it up. I then started to buy more orks
but it wasn't untill 2008 (when the update on the Ork codex happened)
that I started to game seriously.
I now have a horde of over 3500 points of orks including a stompa, 3 battlewagons, 4 warbosses and hundreds of ork boyz.

In 2009 I became interested in the Warhammer Fantasy World. My
first army being 'The Empirates' (using Empire rules).

I have been to several local Tournaments with my biggest achivement
 getting Best Army award for my Ork Badmoon army.

Keeping the hobby going has improved both my gaming knowlegde and also my painting technique, makinf me feel confident to enter future tournaments and painting contests (see this space!)

Recently I have been featured on the Games workshop 'What's New Today' with my Ork Big Mek, High Elf prince on Griffon, Night Goblins and Chaos Possessed Marines.

I entered my Black Templar Army into the UK 2011 'Armies on Parade' where I became a finalist and my army was displayed at Gamesday.

Current Armies:
40k- Evil Sunz Orkz
      - Badmoon Orks
      - Slaanesh Chaos Marines Army (WIP,on hold)
      - Black Templars (2011 Armies on Parade)
      Several other Work in progress armies... (more to come on them in the future!)

Fantasy- Empirates (WIP,on hold)
            -Orcs and Goblins (WIP)
            - (Chaos) Ogres Kingdoms (WIP)

Bloodbowl- Kikk em Quick (orc team) 



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