Saturday, 7 April 2012

Chaos Ogres continued... Ironguts

It has been a while since an update, and I have been busy. Got the 2400pt list built and have been playing a few games along with a Blood in the Badland Campaign. Although it is all built I am still working slowy thought the army getting it painted.
I finally got the Irongut unit done along with the (warhammer forge) Tyrant. All of the ironguts have been modified/converted with greenstuff armour to give a more of a chaos look.

My Tyrant (his trousers still in the Empire Ostermark Colours)
                                                                                                    Along with the Ironguts I painted the Champion in the Nurgle Ogre unit

I had lots of fun painting him up, making him look as horrid looking as possible. I even added a few unwanted stains on his cream trousers :p.

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