Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Slaanesh Ogre Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer

Hey guys, this is my Slaanesh themed Bruiser holding the BSB for the army. I wanted to create a Slaanesh looking ogre, but the Standard to be more of a general chaos banner rather than being specificly for one chaos god. I gave him some chaos looking armour, a (charmed shield) and the unlucky empire man hanging from the BSB is from the giant kit (after some modification, fit pretty well). To keep with the slaanesh look of the bruiser I gave him a tenticle arm along with a demonette arm underneath.


  1. This is awesome, the conversion is tight and the parts used are perfect. The paintjob is perfect, blending the tentacle and the ogre's skintone flawlessly! Now I wish my Ogres were Chaos tainted!

  2. The tentacle arm is perfect! I love it.

    Ron, FTW



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