Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Slaanesh Ogre Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer

Hey guys, this is my Slaanesh themed Bruiser holding the BSB for the army. I wanted to create a Slaanesh looking ogre, but the Standard to be more of a general chaos banner rather than being specificly for one chaos god. I gave him some chaos looking armour, a (charmed shield) and the unlucky empire man hanging from the BSB is from the giant kit (after some modification, fit pretty well). To keep with the slaanesh look of the bruiser I gave him a tenticle arm along with a demonette arm underneath.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ogre Firebelly (Tzeentch!)

So for the firebelly I wanted to go with a Tzeentch theme, I created a disc from two clear, flying bases and the tail flame from the plague furnace. He is pinned onto the disc so he can be removed and placed onto a normal base. The disc then counts as the Arabian Carpet magic Item(fly rule). I then added a few Chaos items along with a roasting chicken on his back pelt.

The model was really fun to paint. I experimented with the flames which really brighten the model.
Rather than the normal purple skin colour in the recess like my other ogres I wanted to give him a more blue/purple colour to go with the tzeentch. The chicken was painted to look like it was cooking from the flames of the disc.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ogre Thundertusk

The sky went dark, as the large beast aproached the Emipre line. They knew it was on the way long before they had even seen it. For it chilled the air around it, breaking even the strongest who dared to get in its path...
Update: Thundertusk :)

few, thats a lot of photos,


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