Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ogres from the North... Part 2

I have many ideas from the army, conversion ideas, paint schemes ect.

The idea is to have three main blocks:
 Khrone Ironguts with the Khorne Tyrant (i was lucky enough to get a Warhammer forge Chaos Ogre from GD 2010).
Slaanesh Bulls with Slaanesh BSB Bruiser (converted).
Nurgle Bulls with Nurgle Butcher (forgeworld Ogryn).
My Firebelly will then be Tzeentch, on a disc of Tzeentch (Arabyian Carpet)

I did a test Irongut, going with a slight purple skin colour in the recess. The bases is cork tiling with some thick snow. The clock is made from plasticard (heated to create the form). Green stuffed fur and armour.



  1. It looks great. The damaged armour looks cool and the snow on the base is pretty realistic looking!! It's a bit of a shame the cloak doesn't have more folds in it to show off your painting.

  2. Very nice! Love the red, works great!



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