Saturday, 12 September 2009

Land Raider to Battle wagon Part 1

hey guys, i picked up a landraider the other day which i am going to convert into a BW (badmoon). the BW will carry 10 burna boys and a Mek with KFF. Therefore i shall be painting flames and having become the 'mek' BW with gubbinz and bitz everywhere. (there will be a total of 3 BW's in my army).

So I started with the tracks and as it is 'looted' and orky i went with a bit of battledamage which the grotz had then repaired.

I then added a floor pannel where the krew will be (will be detailed later). I will leave some space for a big gun ( probably a forge world one).
(excuse the elastic bands holding it together)

here a quick sketch of what i would like to do.

I am planning to have a cabin that is at the front of the tank. this will then have a deffrolla coming off it. I got the front piece of the Landraider and it worked pretty well. I then got the turret from the stompa kit that is meant to go on his right shoulder and it fit perfectly into the gab.

I then made some big orky exhausts which will stick out the back.
well thats it for now more to come.

C&C welcome

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