Monday, 2 November 2009

Forge World Battlewagon

Hey guys,
I bought the forge world halftrakk so i could use the trakks for a gw battlewagon.

I added the fw trakk with plasticard.I then made the supa kannon and magnetized it to the base.

Once i had decided where to put the trakks I lowered the GW ones so it would be level.
Thanks Update soon

PS This is NOT the mystery Project!

Mystery Project

mystery Project Pic 1-comment with your guesses

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Land Raider to Battle wagon Part 4

OK, after a busy week I did some work on the BW.

Started on the deffrolla

The arms are then magnetized onto the side of the landraider.

I also got to work on putting panels on the other side of the Bw and also having panels which give a bit of protection to the boys on the top.

Added the two big shootaz to the turret and then two more bigshootaz on each side (see first pic)

in another note my forge world stuff arived (this won't be used on this looted landraider bw but on another GW one, but that will be another thread)
supa kannon

Ork halftrakk

C&C welcome

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

Land Raider to Battle wagon Part 3

Ok another update.
I have added more armour plates to the side, notice the magnet at the front for the deff rolla.

I have added a ladder here. made from staples good question. thanks
The other side (without rivets)

I have also started on the deffrolla

added a BW comander.

spent a while adding rivets to the flooring

C&C welcome i shall do another update either tomorrow or Wednesday.


Monday, 14 September 2009

Land Raider to Battle wagon Part 2

done some more work.
done some work on the cabin getring it the right size . I then added a light and a plow wth some big metal jaws on:

I added the smoke stacks/exhausts onto the back. added some chain to add some character. the pannel off the back is where are grot will probably stand.

I have been working on the floor, adding some scrap metal (minus rivets)

and then a dead beakie to go on the plow at the front (tired on as a trophy)

more updates soon along with more pics

C & C welcome thanks

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Land Raider to Battle wagon Part 1

hey guys, i picked up a landraider the other day which i am going to convert into a BW (badmoon). the BW will carry 10 burna boys and a Mek with KFF. Therefore i shall be painting flames and having become the 'mek' BW with gubbinz and bitz everywhere. (there will be a total of 3 BW's in my army).

So I started with the tracks and as it is 'looted' and orky i went with a bit of battledamage which the grotz had then repaired.

I then added a floor pannel where the krew will be (will be detailed later). I will leave some space for a big gun ( probably a forge world one).
(excuse the elastic bands holding it together)

here a quick sketch of what i would like to do.

I am planning to have a cabin that is at the front of the tank. this will then have a deffrolla coming off it. I got the front piece of the Landraider and it worked pretty well. I then got the turret from the stompa kit that is meant to go on his right shoulder and it fit perfectly into the gab.

I then made some big orky exhausts which will stick out the back.
well thats it for now more to come.

C&C welcome

Thursday, 30 July 2009

warboss on bike- made from deffkopta

This is my warboss made from a deffkopta. I cut the blades, skies, rokkits and the body. Once this was done I started to make it into a bike by adding trukk wheels such as the two back wheels making it into a trike. The body is a nob body. I then made a coat from green stuff. He has two left arms one with a powerklaw (from a killa kan) and a big choppa. I then added a squig from the nob set. The grot hanging on the pole is from the stompa.

music: stoneworld Battle, Kevin MacLeod (

Monday, 8 June 2009

NMM Zagstruk

This is my second attempt at NMM, I entered him into a painting contest at my local Games workshop and came 1st place. I did free hand 'warning' stripes on his left knee, he is also wearing a lot of yellow; this i mainly because he is going to be in my Badmoonz army.(there are a few chips from transporting it, they will be touched up)

My Trophy:


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